InterpActive’s services take a participatory and interactive approach in which participants are encouraged to be fully engaged in a safe and comfortable environment.

To help you reach your goals we offer the following services:

  1. Planning services to help you create achievable and inspirational strategic and operational plans. Specific services InterpActive provides include:
  • Developing and facilitating fun and participatory planning workshops
  • Developing planning document components
    • Researching, writing, editing, creating action plans and timelines, evaluating, follow up and more, to support you in collaboratively creating a living plan document
  1. Program and product development for projects that aim to actively engage clients and visitors. Specific services InterpActive provides include:
  • Exhibit and interpretive media development
  • New tourism product development
  • Imagineering and brainstorming
  • Research, writing, editing, planning, evaluation and more, to help you successfully meet your deadlines and create engaging and interactive products

3. Interactive Workshops on a variety of topics related to parks, outdoor recreation, leadership, interpretation and planning. Sessions are participatory and offered in face to face and online milieus. Specific workshops InterpActive provides to help you meet your training needs include:

  • Inspiration-based interpretation and education
  • Participatory interpretation and education approaches
  • Interpretation and education program planning and management
  • Evaluation of programs and products
  • Strategic planning.

All InterpActive services are offered in both face to face and online venues; humanizing virtual interaction is one of our specialties.